Encounters At The End of The World
a film by Werner Herzog

Is a film that takes you on an adventure to experience a whole new and real world. The obvious story is about the people or the “professional dreamers” living on a giant floating block of ice. The deeper story is about finding a place to call home. The director also narrate the piece, which invokes a journalistic feel to it. Every interviews or scenery, the director draws you in with the combine voices and images.

I finished watching the film, satisfied. It felt like a whole. Like everything you needed to know about that world, its creatures, its mysteries, its origin, and all its wonders are answered. The variety of characters interview also added intensifying depth to the world. The character that stood out most to me was the penguin watcher. He’s not the most interesting character, but he stood out the most to me because I know so little about him yet he amplify the volume of the world through his sparse and silent words. The film then ends on seeing the first character that was interview and hearing the seels sing.

Overall, there is so much more to this film than what I’ve mention but from what I take from it, it’s a truly satisfying film to watch.